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BAS Service

Advice about BAS Provisions, GST Law, Wine Equalisation Tax Law, Luxury Car Tax Law, Fuel Tax Law, Fringe Benefits Tax Law, PAYG Withholding and PAYG Instalments.


Data Entry, Bank Reconciliations, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Software Reports and contacting overdue customers.

Payroll Management

Staff remuneration & conditions compliance. Withholding obligations, deductions & entitlements. PAYG submissions.

Administration / Management

Office operations. Seek out additional funding. Policy and Procedures review. General record keeping and filing.

About Me

As a Certified Bookkeeper with a science and occupational health and safety background I am a naturally inquisitive and investigative person who loves a challenge and finding solutions to problems. When you bring your books to me, no matter what state they’re in, I’ll get them sorted and make it look easy. And I’ll keep it looking that way so you can breathe easy knowing that you can spend time where it’s needed. After all you didn’t go into business to do bookkeeping, but I did.

10 Reasons to Outsource your Bookkeeping

1. Save Time

Free you and your key personnel up to focus on your core business.

2. Save Money

A contract bookkeeper is significantly more efficient at dealing with bookkeeping issues and accounting software. This efficiency means the cost of you performing your own bookkeeping is likely to be higher. The opportunity cost (due to your time being spent on bookkeeping) may be significant again.

3. Knowledgebase

Offer you the ability to tap into a knowledge base not available internally.

4. Meeting Obligations

Give you peace of mind knowing that you have complied with your legislative obligations.

5. Tax Office

Enable efficient dealings with the Tax Office, including lodgements.

6. Financial Reports

Improve your financial reporting abilities, thus improving your access to key information with which to run your business.

7. Cloud Software Support

Allow you to leverage the bookkeeper’s software knowledge, ensuring that you’re using the best software applications for your business.

8. Save on Accounting Fees

Streamline your accountant’s role by providing them with better information, which in turn saves you more money.

9. Specialist Services

Give you access to specialist services including payroll, software installation & training, debtor management, cash flow planning, management reporting, and troubleshooting.

10. Flexible Contracts

Provide better continuity of service when compared with casual employees, and a flexible service that can be readily scaled up or down, ensuring you only pay for what you are using.

Our Skills

At Get it Sorted we help small and medium businesses work smarter and grow faster with a range of professional services: